Unilever acquires Bulgarian ice-cream Sladoledena Fabrika

Nov 1, 2018

The FMCG giant, Unilever has secured an approval from officials in Bulgaria to tie-up a local ice-cream maker. Unilever has been given a GO to buy Sladoledena Fabrika, also known as Denny Ice Cream after one of its main brands.

With a collective local market shares Unilever and Sladoledena Fabrika are put together, it amounts to 20-30% of ice-cream sales in Bulgaria.  If the stake is measured by volume and by value, the potential to affect competition proves non-coercive; reported Bulgaria’s Commission for Protection of Competition.

“We’re happy to confirm that approval to finalize the Denny Ice Cream acquisition has been granted by the Bulgarian Competition Authority, bringing Denny Ice Cream closer to being the newest member of the Unilever family,” a Unilever spokesperson said.

Situated 150 miles east of capital Sofia in Bulgaria, Sladoledena Fabrika is based in Veliko Tarnovo, a city in north-central Bulgaria. It manufactures and markets ice cream under brands including Denny and Favorit.

Competition officials in neighbouring country Romania, said Unilever will have to dispose its assets in that market for its move to buy local ice-cream business Betty Ice to be approved.


The acquisition of Sladoledena Fabrika comes two months after Unilever acquired Indian ice cream and frozen desserts business Adityaa Milk.

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