Universities in India to ban sale of junk food in their campuses

Image Source: NDTV

Aug 27, 2018,

The Indian universities and higher education institutions have taken up the direction from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and will seriously try to banning sale of junk food on their campuses.

Like Calcutta University, does not have food items in their canteen or other eating facilities that can be categorized as junk food but the university is creating awareness   in including affiliated colleges, aware of the UGC directive.

It is difficult to change an individual’s food preferences “or change his love for junk food,” but the indian institutions will try to curb the trend of consuming junk food within the campus.”

On August 22, the UGC in a communication to universities said, “banning junk food in colleges will set new standard for healthy food, make the students live better, learn better and reduce obesity levels. This will prevent lifestyle diseases which have a direct link with excessive weight.”

The circular was issued after a directive from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, asking the UGC to ban the sale of junk food on premises of higher education institutions.

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