World Animal Protection urges dairy sector to end cruelty

Oct 5, 2018

World Animal Protection has urged the dairy firms to bring an end to the cruelty meted out towards dairy ruminants.

The team of World Animal Protection on a visit to urban as well as rural dairies in Delhi found that the animals were being kept in dreadful conditions. Most of these dairies fell back in providing basic necessity and hygiene welfare to the cattle.

At the start of the mission, dairy companies must adhere to the commitment not to source milk or milk products from urban and semi-urban dairies who keep cattle and other ruminants in the conditions that are not congenial.

Around 50 million dairy animals are suffering every day and a significant number of them suffer the worst cruelty and live in unacceptable conditions.

Animals are leashed and confined to small sheds for long period thus hampering their mobility and are forced to lie in their own urine and faeces. With poor ventilation and dirty drinking water, all this causes a great suffering to the cattle with fever, infections and wounds. Cattles left in open loiter around finding food and forage in the garbage resulting in hunger-struck and poor health.

The recent visits to the dairy farms focused the light that while all dairies in India are governed by the Registration of Cattle Premises Rules (RCPR) under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, many urban and semi-urban dairies are operating outside the law as well as side lining rules and policies to protect animals and the environment.

In an investigation, World Animal Protection found rather disturbing evidence of absence of proper management of dairy animals across six major cities in India.

“It was shocking to see this cruelty. We are extremely concerned about the welfare of these dairy animals and want people to understand where the milk they consume may come from. Dairy companies have a responsibility towards these dairy animals as well as their consumers and they must end this cruelty,” said Campaign Manager,  Animals in Farming, India Dairy at World Animal Protection, Sonia Bindra.

World Animal Protection also wishes to bring to the knowledge of the citizen and manufacturers about the irresponsible disposal of waste by these dairies which could result as breeding ground for disease, potential human health hazards and environmental pollution.

“These urban and peri-urban dairies are openly flouting rules. Some even operate illegally without proper registration. This should not be allowed. These animals give us milk, they serve our needs and deserve a better life. These dairy companies need to commit to not sourcing milk from urban and peri-urban dairies and also influence and invest to ensure basic welfare is provided to dairy animals in their final supply chains,” said India Country Director at World Animal Protection, Gajender K Sharma.

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